2012 Festival


Best of Show

It’s Only Me by Vincent Turner

2012 best of show

Best First Time Entry

Mistletoe Burl & Turquoise Inlay by Bobby R. Barrett

People’s Choice Award

Sudden There Swooped a Dream by Joel Lancaster

Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Cecil Stapleton WilliamsBelle's Run1st Place
Cecil Stapleton WilliamsAfter Chemo2nd Place
Ramona PageWild Horses of Shackleford Banks3rd Place
Tom HarmonYellow GlowHonorable Mention
Barbara F. SandersSummers Around the BendHonorable Mention
Barbara SoyarsSunshin and RoseHonorable Mention
Computer Art
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Joel LancasterElemental Vectorian Bath1st Place
Cheryl GarrityGuarding the Sun2nd Place
Alex SharpManipulation of the Flesh3rd Place
Debra AlcornBlue SmokeHonorable Mention
Rochelle McCainLove and HateHonorable Mention
Drawing / Printmaking
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Vincent TurnerIt's Only Me1st Place
Andrew WellsVision2nd Place
Andrew WellsJack N Coke3rd Place
Gail GraddockAutumn StudyHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Susan MooreJoyful Noise1st Place
Susan MooreCatch and Release2nd Place
Randy BillingsleySilver Shell3rd Place
Mixed Media
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Bret HartEndless Summer1st Place
Joe Zak GarnerYellow Stone Lunch2nd Place
Patricia B. ColemanHigh Tea3rd Place
Gail CraddockRoseHonorable Mention
Banner WoodThe Best of YouHonorable Mention
Barbara ConroyWire Rapped Beaded Tree with RingHonorable Mention
Suzanne CowanReflectHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Ron MartinCompasses and Maps1st Place
Greg MooreReady to Go2nd Place
Rick LeineckerSelections from Gitanjali3rd Place
Rick LeineckerJovian MoonsHonorable Mention
Greg MooreSunday MorningHonorable Mention
Greg MooreOn My WayHonorable Mention
Greg MooreNo Blues No MoreHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Athena VarounisGilmer & Scales1st Place
Leigh RodenboughLavender Repose2nd Place
Linda LinkMe First3rd Place
Elizabeth BolesThe Good LifeHonorable Mention
Terry McCollumOne More Time SamHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Faye Newman WyattGoing Stag1st Place
Terry McCollumThis Old House2nd Place
Carol BolesJunco in Tree3rd Place
June MooneyWestern NCHonorable Mention
Barbara F. SandersA Burst of SpringHonorable Mention
Brenda TerrellAncient AthensHonorable Mention
Photography, Black & White
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Cheryl GarrityGod's Rays1st Place
Randy BillingsleyLeaving Leaksville2nd Place
Megan JonesLife Lessons3rd Place
Debra AlcornSouthern ExposureHonorable Mention
Randy BillingsleyJust s TreeHonorable Mention
Joel LancasterNature vs NurtureHonorable Mention
Photography, Color
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Joel LancasterSudden There Swooped a Dream1st Place
Joel LancasterMebane Bridge2nd Place
Bob WicklessNight Moves: Loading Zone3rd Place
Cheryl GarritySnow Glow at SunsetHonorable Mention
Cheryl GarrityMorning Dusk at Lake MattamiskeetHonorable Mention
Joel LancasterSing You in the MirrorHonorable Mention
Bob WicklessNight Moves: Hitching PostHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Bob WicklessHorse In Winter1st Place
Curtis DunlapKung Fu Disco2nd Place
Megan ArringtonRoot Canal3rd Place
Curtis DunlapBuddy Lawson's Conversation With the TruckHonorable Mention
Charles TisdaleWalking Through a WoodsHonorable Mention
Bob WicklessPrefect LightHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Mike ReedRed Sodium Silicate Raku1st Place
Jim TalleyFrisky2nd Place
Ben WinslowMr. Manganese3rd Place
Suzanne CowanJomon Inspired BowlHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Charles TisdaleWitness for Peace1st Place
Joni CarterClean2nd Place
Julie CampbellFaya3rd Place
Curtis DunlapFour Excerpts from A Haibun JournalHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Bobby R. BarrettNatural Edge Walnut Bowl1st Place
Mary Jane NoahFroggy's Dip Water Fountain2nd Place
Bobby R. BarrettMistletoe Burl & Turquoise Inlay3rd Place
Gail CraddockLinda the LushHonorable Mention
Artist NameTitle of WorkFinishing Place
Patricia B. ColemanRed, White and Blue1st Place
Gerri HuntBaltimore Sun2nd Place
Judith TalbertWinter Trees3rd Place
Ellen WatkinsCrowning GloryHonorable Mention